Sound Travels Wednesday : Future Primitive Session

soundtravels_logo1Whatta show today! If I do say so myself, I’d have to say this one felt awesome on my side, I hope you got into it too. As usual, I played a lot of music in the twenty or so minutes of Sound Travels we had today, and given the Earth Day-ness of today, a perfect moment to go around the globe musically.

We started with Uri Kinrot and his UBK project, Gypsy madness from the guitarist for Brooklyn’s Balkan Beatbox. Into some freshness from India’s Tigerstyle, who are on the cutting edge of the modern Asian sound, fusing Bhangra beats into hip hop breaks and always working with the top stars on the Bhangra scene.

The Eastenders get a couple of songs into the day’s set, and though their name impies that they are a crew, not true, it’s the work of a producer out of Germany whose ambition is to fuse modern beats with global music–perfect for Sound Travels. Ramiro Musotto, who weighs in with some voodoo of his own creation, the big boned banger “Ogun,” keeps things cookin,’ and his album is one of my favorites for the year. And the song blends perfectly with Leeroy‘s “Manioc Academy,” another big tune full of African echoes, like some rare Nigerian soul laced with some hip beats–goods! Formerly of the excellent French hip hop supergroup Saïan Super Crew, and currently in the group Explicit Samuraï, Leeroy Kesiah has since produced two solo albums so excellent, I unreservedly recommend both Bollywood Trip and the recently released African Trip.

Weronika Nike‘s “Rainbow,” gives some vocal colour to the set on the very nice One Government riddim. And Nortec Collective bring some oompah with their Norteño influenced electro. And I finish with a strong dose of dub from a band that blurs the thin line between dub and dubstep, The Improvisators. Pure fire! A ton of fun! Here it is if you want to hear the set again…

Sound Travels Wednesday : Future Primitive Session



1. UBK : “Yemen Bros.” UBK Promo

2. Tigerstyle : “Maiya” feat. Gunjan Mystics, Martyrs & Maharajas

3. Eastenders : “Road To Marrakech” Beyond The Path

4. Eastenders : “Vino Iuberea Mea” Vino Vino

5. Ramiro Musotto : “Ogun” Civilisao & Barbarye

6. Leeroy : “Manioc Academy” African Trip

7. Weronika Nike : “Rainbow” One Government EP

8. Nortec Collective : “Shake It Up” Bostich + Fussible Presents Tijuana Sound Machine

9. Improvisators Dub Meets Iration Steppers : “Critisize Dub(Organ Mix)” Inna Step Dub

10. Ramiro Musotto : “Assanhado” Civilisao & Barbarye


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