Sound Travels Friday: Future Primitive

soundtravels_logo1Sound Travels today was very fun, and I hope that you enjoyed it. If You’ve missed it for whatever reason, I have it here for you to peruse at your leisure. Not too much commentary today, the music is different but the artists are amoung my favorites and some, like Ramiro Musotto and Leeroy, were in Wednesday’s Future Primitive Session anyway. The day is nice, take a listen, take a trip…

Sound Travels Friday : Future Primitive Session



1. Nutty & Wharfy : “Give Me A Chance” Lagos Stori Plenti

2. Adrian Sherwood : “Dennis Bovine Dub, Pt. 2” Dub Cliche

3. Ramiro Musotto : “M’Bala” Civilizisao & Barbarye

4. Leeroy : “Divine Mission” African Trip

5. Tina & Skissy : “Mapito” Bab Kubwa

6. Bill Laswell : “Chacon and Daniel” Imaginary Cuba

7. Asian Dub Foundation : “Dhol Rinse” Bombay Boogie Nights

8. Chancha Via Circuito : “Selva” Rodante

9. Tinny : “Aletse Ogboo” Black Star – Ghana’s HipLife Generation


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