New Music Wednesday: KHB, Richie Spice, St. Vincent and Phoenix


For New Music Wednesday 4/29/09, we have new music Milwaukee’s KHB, Richie Spice, St. Vincent and Phoenix. Listen to the tracks below and then let us know what you think by voting for your favorite tune. We’ll announce the winner next week.

You can also grab this week’s picks in our iTunes store!

King Hell Bastard (KHB) – “Danger”

Richie Spice – “Time So Rough”

St. Vincent – “Actor Out Of Work

Phoenix – “1901”

24 Responses

  1. Like all these, very much. But that KHB track is haunting/beautiful. Gotta have it.

  2. I voted for KHB & all I got was this lousy T-SHIRT !

  3. Big Ups to Miltown Beatdown finalist and uber-producer REASON for the production on ‘Danger’.

    Check the entire new KHB EP (feat. Danger) “Y’all Got Excuses, We Got Reasons” here for a FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

  4. KHB.

  5. khb all the way..

  6. I like that King Hell Bastard “Danger” track… Can never have enough Milwaukee music on a Milwaukee radio station!

  7. KHB ….are you serious…support your local emcees

  8. Should we go outside?? DANGER…DANGER…DANGER…..

  9. KHB are seasoned vets marinated in beer brewed locally. Other phresh albums from these cats include Dana Coppafeel’s “THINKING MAN’S MUSIC”, and “CUPS AND BOTTLES” produced by The White Russian. All in all, this crew represents the “everyday” people. Their live sets are tight cuz it’s great drinking music. Now go look up “On My Way”. UNI-FI RECORDS representin’.

  10. King Hell! Gonzo! Way better than Phoenix and St Vincent…recognize!

  11. KHB on the real….you crazy?

  12. I like the KHB joint!

  13. Danger, KHB like bread and butter

    it just makes sense

  14. Everyone knows im a King…Hell…Bastard! whe-wh-wh-whe-when-when i attack tracks tr-t-t-tracks tracks when i attack tracks!

  15. King Hell Bastard. No ifs, ands, or buts….

  16. khb rocks my world.

  17. KHB no Doubt. . Nuff said.
    -Rockford Finest

  18. KHB…Keep Heads Bouncin!!!

  19. KHB, Great song, beats made me want to move. Never heard any of the contestants know none of them. Ritchie spice, too much repetitiveness. St. Vincent too la la la like. What was with the ghost in the back ground? Phoenix- mmm? ya no I’m gonna pass on that one!

  20. Let’s agree to disagree. The one I’d put in my cd player at anytime is Richie Spice, after all who doesn’t smile at a picnic in the grasses!?

  21. i’d like to vote for “danger” by mystikal. errrr…i mean, KHB. those fellas are nifty.

  22. KHB, my crew for life.. always got more than my vote

  23. Are you serious??
    I vote for KHB!!

  24. That KHB track is based on a Joanna Newsom sample, which I certainly never expected to hear

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