Sound Travels Wednesday: Global Beat Box

soundtravels_logoHip hop is the order of the week on Sound Travels, with another day devoted to this worldly stuff. A set that had a bit of mellow to it with the sombre beats of a Japanese producer who goes under the name Woodblue, his excellent “Sara Wo…” has something churchical to it, and starts the set with a vibe. That follows with Mr. D an artist out of Tanzania, rapping here in his native tongue of Swahili, and leads one to believe that African languages are born for hip hop, word flow like water.

And water is necessary for life to happen, and given my liberal use of music from Leeroy’s last couple of albums, might just be the equivalent of water given my valence and the bond I’ve formed with this tremendously creative artist. The cut I brought today is from his album Bollywood Trip. Ricky General show us that there is definite;y a fertile middle ground between hip hop and Jamaican dancehall music with the choice “Skettle Dub” and that serves to bridge into some work from Turkish diva-turned-rapper Sultana. Her tune “Humanizm,” is all about the powerful value of real leadership.

Which leads us to the slightly randy-sounding crew that comprises the French based crew TTC, who have already blown up once, and will probly continue to astound with their intricate Gallic wordplay, and savoir faire. And speaking of which, had a very unique MC to end the set, Brooklynite Y-Love, who is African-American by birth and Jewish by choice, having converted to the religion later in life. His faith informs this work I have here, but it is the intelligence that he was born with that allows him to excell not only in terms of the freshness of his raps, but also the quality and clarity of mind that expreses his themes with a unique and clever style big enogh to fit four languages into his flow. That’s rap! And a wrap o this entry, if you missed the set, here it is for a re-listen.  

Sound Travels Wednesday : Global Beat Box


Tracklisting & Media:

1. Woodblue : “Sara Wo…”

2. Mr. D : “Mike Wango”

3. Ricky General : “Skettle Dub”

4. Leeroy : “Bounce Floor” Bollywood Trip

5. Sultana : “Hümanizm” Cerkez Kizi

6. TTC : “Travailler” 36 15 TTC

7. Capetown Beats : “12345”

8. Y-Love : “Bring It On Down” This Is Babylon


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