The Weekly Top 5: Songs for the Working (Wo)Man

Today’s Top Five Countdown works with the knowledge that May Day is upon us, so Scott and I thought we’d get into some songs that honor working men and women(or at least relate to work itself) a good list with abundant possibilities to choose from. Rush’s “Working Man,” John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero,” Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” and  CCR’s “Proud Mary” just name a few of those possibilities, though they did not make the cut. What did make it then?


Elvis Costello “Welcome to the Work Week”


Junior Delahaye “Working Hard for the Rent Man”


The Rolling Stones “Salt Of The Earth”


Howard Tate “8 Days On The Road”


Tennessee Ernie Ford “16 Tons”

Marcus iMix

Scott iMix

Tune in next week when Scott and I get at another Top 5 Countdown; the best rock/rap poets. Any ideas? Let us know.


One Response

  1. The obvious, A Tribe Called Quest, Blackalicious, Spearhead’s Gas Gauge(the Worlds in Your Hands) etches a picture and feeling like no other. My top pick is the song titled “101101010010100” on the 2001 album called “Onomatopoeia” by Johnny 5 (from the flobots) + Yak, the verses are real tight.

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