Sound Travels Monday: Mundo Latino

soundtravels_logo…and if you can’t tell from the title and totally missed the set at noon today, then I’ll play it again. Here of course, but also continue with more of the freshest Latin music for this week’s editions of Sound Travels. Wednesday in particular, will be a bit old-school, much like the cut we started out with here today, Kito Velez’ very nice”Broca En La 21.” Velez, who used to play with another legendary Puerto Rican combo, El Gran Combo is with his own set on this scorcher to start us here. We get a treat with some good work from One of Bill Laswell‘s  latest, a dubby and distant sense of Cuba is what we get with his Imaginary Cuba. Always an adventure, Laswell is almost too busy with projects at times; he also is often genius, you decide.

The featured artist of today’s set was from an improbable trio from Germany, Una Mas Trio has a really nice album that works well in regular repeat. This was one of my favorites from their new album of Latin Nu Jazz called Ritmo Del Futuro. I have a pair of cuts sandwiching something new from the Mexican Institute of Sound, a band making a few waves on the scene though I’ve not yet heard if they tour, their album is a studio gem; the flavor is almost too perfect, as this cumbia number titled just that can attest, but smooth in the mix. In a flow making the transition into the other UMT song, “Balkumbia” extra smoothly.

Another Milwaukee debut was quietly made with the reggaeton vibed song I just got from a cat named Santero, his new album El Hijo De Obatala is raw as hell, and the freshest thing I’ve heard in a bit, in any style. You will be hearing more from him in this week to be sure. And I wish I had more from Titiman Flores, a talented Garafuna Musician from the coast of Central America. Sometimes called the black Carib, Garinagu are creole peoples part Carib/Arawak Indian and African Black and their music is a beautiful thing that sounds like the African root of Latin music. And so we end with a beginning after only glimpsing the promise of the present. Tune in Wednesday for more deep roots, and have fun on Cinco De Mayo.

Sound Travels Monday : Mundo Latino


Tracklisting & Media:

1. Kito Velez : “Broca En La 21” Mastercuts Nu Yorican Soul

2. Bill Laswell : “Havana Transmission #2 / Cuban Evolution” Imaginary Cuba

3. Una Mas Trio : “Que Pasara” Ritmo Del Futuro

4. Mexican Institute of Sound : “Cumbia” Soy Sauce

5. Una Mas Trio : “Balkumbia”Ritmo Del Futuro

6. Santero : “Cabio Sile” El Hijo de Obatala

7. Titiman Flores : “Alaporio”


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