What’s the Scenario?!

This week on the 7 o clock sample, we are exploring one of the most influential and classic hip hop albums of all time. A Tribe Called Quest’s LOW END THEORY.
In 1991, the third 12″ single for this album was released by Jive records. That single was ” SCENARIO” , which after almost 20 years, is still HOT FIRE! I cannot think of a gig that I’ve DJ’ed where this track did not get the crowd to go nuts! The song features some additional rap help from the Leaders of the New School, a native tounges family group which featured a young Busta Rhymes.

Here is the video for the 1991 single:
( Check out some of the cameos from De La Soul, Redman, and Spike Lee )

This track utilizes a few samples. The main drums come from the Axis Bold As Love album by the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

There’s also some drum flavor from The Emotion’s Blind Alley.
Here is some super-bad footage of Dj Babu juggling Blind Alley:

And the primary sample for this classic hip hop track is from the 1969 Blue Note recording Moon Rappin’ by the legendary Brother Jack McDuff.

Bonus cut:
Here is J Dilla’s version of Moon Rappin‘ OOOH WEEE! It’s fresh!

RIP Dilla Dogg…

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