Sound Travels Monday: Paris, Panama and Pernambuco with a touch of Zydeco

soundtravels_logoThere was a time long ago when the allure of the accordion meant nothing to me, it was simply too vintage and I was too simple to see what I now know– that accordions rock(and definitely can swing too). It started with the hipster sounds of the Paris Cafe, whose sound is strongly connected to the accordion. A fine example of Old World use of the instrument, and our start today–the late great Gus Viseur and hipsters Les Primitifs du Futur with some authentic sounds fit for la rue. Backed it up with a Garifuna gem, a Belizan artist Mr. Peters Boom & Chime has a unique sound, creole to the core, a sort of afro-euro-folk music. Speaking of which, that pretty much describes zydeco so the flow goes north to Louisiana, for a stomper from Beausoleil.

From here we head south to the other America, to Brazil’s  backlands, the Northeast province of Pernambuco. Toinho De Algaras has a pair of jams as we flow into the sound of a style called forró, which is both dance and genre of music from the area. About Toinho, I know little, though I do know that Cabruera is a good find, a band that adds just the right dimension of the electronic in their style, it makes their music unique and yet still work in a set of more traditional artists. And traditional is where we stop today, a touch more zydeco; Rockin’ Dupree with his “Old Time Zydeco.”If you missed it, then here it is again…

Sound Travels Monday : Paris, Panama, Pernambuco and some Zydeco


Tracklisting & Media:

1. Gus Viseur : “Jeanette”

2. Les Primitifs du Futur : “Mada”

3. Mr. Peters Boom & Chime : “Bhine Mi Bak Deh Taak”

4. Mike Doucet & Beausoleil : “Zydeco Gris gris”

5. Toinho De Algaras : “Bicho Da Cara Preto” / “Caráter Duro”

6. Cabruêra : “Erectuos Cactus”

7. Rockin’ Dupree : “Old Time Zydeco”


3 Responses

  1. I always smile while listening to ST….2 weeks ago at my favorite hippie shop, spent many minutes looking at the world music, oh of course I wanted them all but in the end I bought the Zydeco mix. You can’t help but move with fast tempo of the accordion no matter if the lyrics are sad you’re smiling and jammin with that sweet goodness.

    Does anyone know if there is a music museum in the area?

    I’m recently reminded of the pleasant surprises when I had visited Black River Falls Historical Society, there was photograph history and a sign pointing to the basement saying music museum. Two of my favorite things and nothing I had read told me of this, I was ecstatic! Sure, their items were limited to mostly American music history in the small basement music museum, but never the less I enjoyed it. And a visit to the Milwaukee Public Museum a few months ago, spent my time on level 3-africa, I could not help but notice that there were music instruments in the majority of the displays and of course music played a major roll in the past, but many musical instruments were not labeled. I’ve seen an online music museum that seems really cool, but there is nothing like the tangible. Assist me if you can thanks. 🙂

  2. I just got the good word of a wonderful little museum in Port Washington and a 1/2 mile self guided walking tour in Grafton, regarding Paramount Records in the 1920’s and 30’s. Hip hip hooray! Can’t go wrong with Here On Earth Radio Without Borders they hook it up! Oh and Mills Music Library at the UW Madison.

  3. Nice little set here, good spread. We like the squeeze out here in Vancouver, Canada. I’m pretty sure we’ve played all these folks on our show. Except for the Brazilian – we’ve got them, but didn’t play it on our epic, Brazil/Finland international friendship special, where we alternated tracks by Finnish and Brazilian accordion bands. Silly fun.

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