Sound Travels Friday : Paris Panama and Pernambuco with Some Zydeco

soundtravels_logoAll good things must come to a Friday, and while there is no end of music featuring the work of accordionists, the week wraps the theme for us here on Sound Travels. An upbeat, uptempo week that saw some interesting variety that continued through my set with you all today. The start was with something from the same French label that distribute the legendary Ethiopiques series, I discovered in my research that they have one for the geographically tiny, but musically rich city/state/island of Zanzibar. Zanzibar, long a stop for migrating peoples(namely slaves!), has a rich musical palette and Yasseen Mohammed, despite being a super obscure musician, also plays some version of the accordion, and in a distinctive style, somewhere between African and Middle Eastern modalities.

Speaking of modes, the style goes Paris cafe with a cut from Marcel Azzora. And into another antiquated genre after that, a quadrille from French-Creole Martinique, Jacques Danican & Flamme Abymienne keep the path simmering with a bubbly piece of accordion goodness. And goodness is in the goddess, Nazare Pereira a part Indian part Italian princeza of Pernambuco whose voice is like a rare, ripe Amazonian fruit– beautiful work from her standout 2005 release Forró!. So nice I patched in two cuts from her album. This is why I love forró (pron. Fo-ho)!

And the close here is all Southwestern Louisiana, the zydeco styles of the great Clifton Chenier who was amoung the first zydeco players to reach a national stage. And the end of today’s action is with a lesser known player with a hot cut fit for the dancehall, check it out…

Sound Travels Friday : Paris, Panama and Pernambuco with Zydeco III


1. Yasseen Mohamed : “Ni Wewe” Divers – Zanzibara Volume 02 – 1956>1975 : Golden years of Mombassa taarab

2. Marcel Azzora : “Afro-Musette” The Rough Guide To Paris Cafe Music

3. Nazare Pereira : “Tacaca” Forro!

4. Jacques Danican & Flamme Abymienne : “On Fwa, On Fwa” Kadri Gwadloup 2

5. Nazare Pereira : “Valente Nordeste” Forro!

6. Clifton Chenier : “Accordion Boogie” Louisiana Blues and Zydeco

7. Geno Delafose : “Canaille”


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