Sound Travels to Stone Creek: Week 1…Brazil


Sound Travels to Stone Creek Week : Brazil


Well well well, here we are on a Friday feeling just a wee bit like a Monday for the reason that I’ve started new theme…and it’s only going to get more Brazilian as we go along. I am restarting the week at this point because next Wednesday, Sound Travels for real– to Stone Creek in Bay View for a live show in support of a special coffee tasting.

In fact, every week in June will be a close-up on coffee producing regions around the world and the people with whom Stone Creek Coffee has partnered with to create sustained, socially conscious networks of business; today was the start of my effort to reflect some of the regions which are being showcased throughout June. On Wednesday June 3rd, from 6 to 8pm I’ll play an expanded set of Brazilian grooves, and today I started with a varied set that started slow and ended with some Brazilian funk and soul. Chico Buarque started us out with a beautifully spooky tune he worked out with Italian legend Ennio Morricone who is more famous for his work on the soundtracks to some 70’s era Spaghetti Westerns than for this stunning set I have with Chico. The building and sombrely gilded lament is a great ease-in. Into a killer from Rio’s Trio Mocoto, a funk band that used to back the legendary Jorge Ben Jor; no big deal right? If he weren’t considered one of the best, then I’d agree. “Não Adianta” is big, you’ll be singing along in no time, Portuguese language skills not needed.

But could be helpful I suppose with a tender cut from Portugal’s Lisbon City Rockers, with a loungy downtempo simmer from a city whose diversity is on par with any in Brazi. The vibe works as I slow down the set for a second to switch gears, shift styles toward the indie rock sound of Tom Bloch, whose new album is boring for the most part, except of course, for the cut I played today. A bit of a funk breaks the way into a Gal Costa tune of sublime tropicalian-ness, the funky “Speed” sets the stage for a furious flurry of funk from a favorite of mine DJ Nuts, whose 2006 release Culturacopaeia still astounds and leaves us with an awesome Brazilian style Sugarhill rap(who said hip hop ever wasn’t global!).


1. Chico Buarque & Ennio Morricone : “Oumas e Outras”

2. Trio Mocoto : “Nao Adianta”

3. Lisbon City Rockers : “Estranha Forma de Vida”

4. Tom Bloch : “Sob A Influencia” Bloch 2

5. Gal Costa : “Speed”

6. DJ Nuts : “funk medley” Culturacopaeia

7. Noreille : “16 Toneladas”



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