Sound Travels Monday : Brazil


Sound Travels Monday : Brazil II


We’re getting close y’all, to the first ever Sound Travels Live; Wednesday is the date and Stone Creek has been kind enough to set the perfect stage for us with a spot on the patio of their Bay View location. And the pairing of ST and Stone Creek is perfect, their product is a global commodity, produced in many countries worldwide and purveyed by Stone Creek with the conscienciousness of a connoisseur– just like Sound Travels. But seriously, they’re having a premium– a party to taste (or test) their Brazilian coffee ad learn more about the farms it is produced on in Bahia, Brazil. So I was happy to help set the perfect stage for a sample, by playing Brazilian grooves as you taste the flavor.

That said, today’s set is the second of three sets I am hoping will bring you all out on Wednesday, if not for the cofee then for a sublime evening with some great tropical music like what we got into today. Starting with a song that is one of the most well known Brazilian tunes “Carol Carolina Bela,” a tune that tons of cats have taken a turn on and here I have Os Brazoes working an especially funky version. Claudette Soares, the acclaimed “Great Lady of Bossa Nova” and kind of a hidden gem, here with a sweet song. And that into a pair from one of my favorite samba groups period, Os Originais Do Samba, with “Tenha Fé, Pois Amanha Um Lindo Via Nascer” and “Falador Passa Mal,” two Jorge Ben written tunes that are faves of mine in any style. The two songs seem born to be played together and I nearly always do.

Os Incríveis are here, a funk band from Sao Paolo and active in the 60’s & 70’s flows into a pair of black power era tunes with first from Bahian Miguel De Deus, who was also a part of Os Brazoes and wrote this crucial cut that fetches rich money from collectors. As does the one I played from another artist who is the truest distillation of the sound of funky Brazilian Black Power, The Gersan King Combo, coolness. I closed the set with a pair of groups, N.O.D.P. who hail from Bahia and have a a decent album with one truly awesome tune on it featuring a ST favorite, Seu Jorge and on to a scorcher from Alexandre Grooves, out of São Paolo. Hard to believe, but this cat was nominated for like 7 Latin Grammies in 2007, sold a ton of music on iTunes and yet so few know him here in the States, happy to do my part. Here are more details…

Tracklisting & Media:

1. Os Brazoes : “Carol Carolina Bela”

2. Claudette Soares : “Elês Querem Amar”

3. Os Originais Do Samba : “Tenha Fé, Pois Amanha Um Lindo Via Nascer”

4. Os Originais Do Samba : “Falador Passa Mal”

5. Os Incríveis : “Uma Rosa Pra Dita”

6. Miguel De Deus : “Black Soul Brothers”

7. Gersan King Combo : “Mandamentos Black”

8. N.O.D.P. : “Nova Onda feat. Seu Jorge”

9. Alexandre Grooves : “Amanhã Eu Não Vou Trabalhar”



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