The Weekly Top 5: Roots and More Roots, To The Source of Hip Hop

Top 5 Countdown this is not, as it turns out, it’s a top 12. As Scott Mullins and I got into the theme of the day, The Roots of Hip Hop, which of course matches the theme of the month this June, we got a bit carried away. This stream, though rapid, was about the reggae, funk, soul, rhythm and blues that in many ways is the fusion that became hip hop. A lot of these cuts are deep, too deep for the iMix, but this is what we gave…

12. Andre Williams “The Stroke”

11. Mac Simmons “Skin Tight”

10. Lloyd Price “They Get Down”

9. Eugene Blacknell “Gettin Down”

8. Dennis Coffey “River Rouge”

7. Joe Bataan “Rap O, Clap O”

6. The Unseen Four “Million Dollar Legs”

5. Marvin Holmes And The Uptights “Ride Your Mule”

4. Gary Davis “Super Jake”

3. Bobby Rush “Gotta Be Funky”

2. Rufus Thomas “The Breakdown”

1. Welton Irie “Hotter Reggae Music”

The iMix


One Response

  1. Is there a podcast for the Thursday, June 4 Weekly Top 5 show?

    Thanks 88Nine, and keep up the good work!

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