Sound Travels Monday…Indo Hop


Sound Travels Monday : Sumatra II


As we await our own warm weather in Wisconsin, I pick up the thread we started last week with the music of the South Pacific, Indonesia and Bali to be specific.  Starting the week with An interesting Sound Travels saw a progression away from the traditional music that I focused on last Friday and onto the streets of places like Bandung, West Java or Jakarta. I can’t claim to say that any of this is terribly new music, but it is a bit representative of hip hop (and a bit of heavy metal!).

The subject is such because Sound Travels has paired up with Stone Creek Coffee in Bay View for a unique opportunity to get an first taste of their new Sumatran beans. Of course I won’t be there simply for coffee, I’ll be playing an expanded set of music sprung from these sets on the air here. And I hope to see more people there. Last week, lots of folks came down and enjoyed the Braziliance of a nice Milwaukee evening bumping along to some beats and tasting the coffee, let’s do it again.

So this week there isn’t a dearth of artist details, just a few videos. I can be pround to share Iwa K with you, a rap pioneer for Indonesia, releasing his nation’s first hip hop album. Plus, he’s actually pretty good. There is an obvious rawness to the cuts I have today from artists like FU Clan or Antiacne. 23 Skidoo made the set though they’re not Indonesian on the strength of the sound and the relating they do with Indonesia’s (and Bali’s) traditional sound, gamelan. Ungu, the odd ska-metal sounds near the end, are from Jakarta on Java, and were fairly popular well into this decade, and a bit of new ground, being the first heavy rock tune played on 88Nine ever. Word. Here’s your mix…

Tracklisting & Media:

1. Balinese temple Festival : “Balinese Trance Rituals”

2. 23 Skidoo : “Urban Gamelan”

3. Antiacne : “Siti Singset” / “Paijo”

4. Iwa K : “Fun Ethic” / “Tak Terpisahkan (ft. Selfi)”

5. FU Clan :“Wedangan”

6. Ungu : “Hampa Hatiku”

7. Bagindo : “Pulang Kampung”


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