Sound Travels Wednesday…Going Live at Stone Creek


Sound Travels Wednesday: Indonesia is Funky Mix


Another round of music comes to a live conclusion this evening when Sound Travels hits the streets to head down to Bay View at 6pm tonight for a special coffee tasting as well as a revue of some of this Indonesian music we purveyed through the week. If you missed it last Wednesday, it’s fun, a little chill and outdoor on the garden patio of Stone Creek Coffee in Bay View. We’ll be tasting coffee from the Gayo Mountain region of Indonesia’s most Eastern isle of Sumatra and listening to a set of music from Indonesia that will run the gamut from hip hop to some funky stuff to acoustic, traditional gamelan.

Not dissimilar to what I have been rocking this week, with today’s ST being an example. I dug deep for the cuts that made the set. A mix of pop, disco, funk and at the end, the circle comes back to where we began, with gamelan. Come on down to Stone Creek Bay View and we can talk about it. See y’all there!

Tracklisting and Media:

1. Ramlee : “Madu Tiga”

2. Ahmad Dhani & The Swinger : “Madu Tiga”

3. The Panas Dalam : “Budak Baheula”

4. Jamal Mirdad : “Yang Penting Heppy”

5. Fariz RM : ” Sakura”

6. Unknown : “unknown gamelan”


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  1. Sounds great to my ears!!!

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