James Brown + KRS ONE = pure POETRY

As we continue our EVOLUTION OF HIP HOP MONTH here on Radio Milwaukee, I’m going to continue exploring the genre’s favorite sample source…

The James Brown Samples!

Since we are in the 2nd week of our EVOLUTION OF HIP HOP, I wanted to take a sample from on of the key founding fathers of Hip Hop culture…KRS ONE!
KRS-One and Scott La Rock founded Boogie Down Productions after they meet in a youth program for the homeless. The groups debut album “Criminal Minded” began both the “gangster rap” and the “conscience rap” movements in one fell swoop! DJ Scott La Rock was murdered on August 27, 1987, months after the release of BDP’s debut album.

Here is one of the best cuts from that classic album… POETRY.

The song uses two James Brown samples…


…speaking of SOUL POWER, here’s a movie I WILL NOT MISS!

Care to join me anyone?!?


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