The Weekly Top 5: My Intro To Hip Hop

Hey all, time for the weekly countdown. In case you missed us, the us in question was The Architect as well as myself, in a countdown that was a bit personal; the hip hop songs that got us into hip hop. As it turns out, not only would we hit with the stuff that got us into it in the first butt also with the revelatory affect some of the newer material has had in our appreciation with a very multi-faceted genre. Of course, June is The Evolution of Hip Hop here at 88Nine, so it makes sense to hit ya with this topic. But then why would you need a reason to play these cool cuts… and don’t forget to pick up the iMix

5. Debbie Deb “When I Hear Music” & Newcleus “Jam On It”

4. Digital Underground “Doowutchyalike”

3. Roots Manuva “Next Type of Motion”

2. Outkast “Aqemini”

1. Kid Cudi “Heaven At Night” & Matty G “Last B Boy”


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