Sond Travels Monday… El Salvador


Sound Travels Monday : Cumbias de El Salvador


Sound Travels today was another adventure in sound through the coffee producing region of Central America and in particular El Salvador. While in the middle of making this mix, I got a couple of emails that I want to share with you all…

I enjoyed my lunch listening to these cumbias and for a moment I left like I was back home. This is awesome. Thanks for playing the music of my people and country. We typically don’t get this type of “good” exposure. People tend to remember the years of civil war and hardship only when they hear about El Salvador. We are more than that now and we send a different message through our music Thanks for sharing this piece with us.
I am a fan of the station from the beginning and now I will be contributing to keep the station going!!!

Keep supporting all music.

And, I also got this one from a listener by the name of Benjamin…

Thank so very much for playing the Salvadoran music. I am Salvadoran-American and it was very refreshing. It brought a big smile to my family’s faces. I am grateful.

Again, thank you,

Thanks Daysi and Benjamin, yours is the highest praise and I appreciate the time they took to write in… and I hope that anyone who dug these Salvadoran sounds, comes down to Stone Creek in Bay View this week to check it out live. Show starts at 6pm and is the perfect accompaniment to a Fair Trade coffee tasting where we’ll sample what else but some conscious, heady coffee from El Salvador. Stay tuned for Monday and Wednesday’s Sound Travels as I continue to explore music from coffee growing regions in El Salvador and the rest of Central America. Here is what you heard…


1. Raza Band “Voto De Castidad”

2. La Chanchona De Arcadio “Los Lamentos De Rosita”

3. Orquesta San Vicente “Emigrante Latino”

4. La Raza “Raza Cumbia”

5. Marito Rivera Y Su Grupo Bravo “Dejate Querer”

6. Zizek “Soloina (Pasternak Remix)” / “Macumbiabass” *note Zizek is Argentine Electro Cumbia

7. Marito Rivera “Mar Y Cielo”


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