New Music Wednesday: K’Naan, Noisettes, The Championship and Figureheads


For New Music Wednesday 6/24/09, we have new music from two Milwaukee bands: The Championship and Figureads plus new music from K’Naan and UKs Noisettes. Listen to the tracks below and then let us know what you think by voting for your favorite tune. We’ll announce the winner next week.

You can also grab this week’s picks in our iTunes store!

K’Nann – “Wavin Flag”
Figureheads – “Speck of Light”

11 Responses

  1. I absolutely love the Figureheads song. I normally have to listen to a few songs before I really like them, but this had me at the first go. It is going to be put on the cd’s for my wedding this Saturday for sure!

  2. figureheads!!

  3. Those Figureheads made my day. Fantastic!

  4. Wow the figureheads song is just great. Hope they win!

  5. I really enjoyed listening to these songs. They are from a very diverse platter and I hope that everyone who comes to vote will give each song an honest listen before blindly voting because one of the groups in the poll said to on facebook or myspace.

    Although I did enjoy each song, K’Nann’s song had a tangability that stood out to me.

  6. I voted for the Figureheads because of what they do for kids. Get their music out there and influence our future leaders!

  7. Figureheads for sure. They been great friends of mine but that really didnt sway my vote since i really not digging the other bands listed. Great stuff thou.

  8. Noisettes, I like ’em, thanx for playing ’em, hope to hear more.

  9. Figureheads got my vote, but the Noisettes put up a damn good fight. i’m a fan of k’naan, but there’s something about this track that i don’t like. maybe it’s too poppy for me…

  10. Figureheads! Judgemental rhymes with mental. Mental illness isn’t to be judged. My vote. Get the word out guys! Continue your mission!

  11. Solid tune guys!!!Keep up the good work….

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