Sound Travels Wednesday… Going Live! At Stone Creek in Bay View


Sound Travels Wednesday Mexican Mix


Another round of music comes to a live conclusion this evening when Sound Travels hits the streets to head down to Bay View at 6pm tonight for a special coffee tasting as well as a revue of some of this Central American music we purveyed through the week with extra emphasis on Mexico. If you missed it last Wednesday, it was a blast, a little sun, a great crowd and nice, chill evening on the garden patio of Stone Creek Coffee in Bay View. We’ll be tasting coffee from Mexico as I play some jams; cumbia, pop, rock and Latin sounds from the region. This is the last drop of Sound travels Live. See you all there!(rain or shine).


1. Todos Tus Muertes “Todo Lo Daria”

2. Manu Chao “Mundorévès”

3. Hombres G “Lawrence De Arabia”

4. Los Telez “Cumbia Galactica”

5. La Autoridad Del Norte “Si La Miran”

6. El Gabinete “Contraflujo”

7. DJ Bitman “Refuse”

8. Al Caiola “Espana Cani”

9. Mexican Institute of Sound “Escribeme Pronto” Pinata



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