Sound Travels Monday… Global Summerfest!

soundtravels_logoSound Travels online with a the details on a set that was centered around the global position of Milwaukee’s own Summerfest. And though it can be hip at times to deride it, the fact remains that Summerfest is the world’s largest of it’s type, and with it come some global implications as well as some surprising local inclinations. Today’s set was a reflection of that fact.

With the start of this week’s series beginning on Monday, today served as a bit of a recap as well as a highlight of artists yet to take the stage at Summerfest. I happened to be down there on the Festival Grounds throughout the opening days, and on Sunday in particular, caught a pair of acts who are also in today’s run-down that inspired this excursion: Milwaukee’s own De La Buena and Mexico City’s Rodrigo y Gabriela. This after also discovering a cool Andean band from Ecuador, Ecuador Manta, that have been working a tiny stage over by the lagoon like they own it; seamlessly romping some South American mountain music into funky cumbias and slow, rolling boleros. That’s when it caught me, why not share some of these experiences with thte people, maybe get some to revise their plans and come out to support the presence of acts who have travelled an incredible distance to perform for us as well as those that are local, but looking for support at the world’s largest music festival.

Although De La and Rodrigo y Gabriela performed on Sunday, there are others that made the set whose time is yet to come at the Big Gig. KT’s Universal Love Band,who started the set today will be performing on Thursday at The Brigg’s & Stratton Big Backyard starting the action on a stage that features Matisyahu later in the day. Oumar Sagna & Sindoolaa, will in a way, be opening up for Femi Kuti on that same Thursday with an energetic and crowd-pleasing set at 8pm on The Potowatomi Bingo Casino Rock Stage.

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s edition when I’ll be playing some tunes from more artists, those whose shows have yet to happen… I’ll be getting at Matisyahu, Femi, The Wailers and a few others. Here is the rundown from the set…

1. KT’s Universal Love Band “Xile(child)”


2. Oumar Sagna & Sindoolaa “Sindoolaa”


3. Ecuador Manta “Mosiaco De Cumbias #3”


4. Rodrigo y Gabriela “Satori(Live)” Live In Japan


5. De La Buena “Dapper Dan” En Vivo y Directo


**Don’t forget! Sound Travels on Sunday! Starting this Sunday at 7pm. I’ll be wrapping up an hour-long mix of music from all over the world. A liberal dose of international music in a party mix defying definition and crossing borders with impunity.


2 Responses

  1. this was my favorite act at summerfest

  2. What, Sunday night a full hour of Sound Travels on my home stereo instead of on my car radio?! Whoa Whoo!! That’s great news! It brings me to a question that has been lingering in my head. Are you ever going to rebroadcast any past Sound Travels sets, which are all good and worth reiterating, and give yourself a break?

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