Sound Travels Sunday… Welcome to The Echo Bass


Sound Travels Sunday : Echo Bass Soundsystem Mix


First off, I want to thank the many people who have been listening as Sound Travels continues to grow and develop. And I hope that you caught this Sunday’s evolution of the process that we are in here– of getting to know the world a bit better, by bridging the gap in distance through music and breaking through the barriers of culture by animating the music within a larger framework of a mix in which goes by feel as much as by itenerary, especially today’s mix.

So now we’ve got an hour within which to play and Sunday’s show was just the first in a new tradition here at 88Nine as Sound Travels started with a mood from…

1. Dead Can Dance “The Snake and The Moon”

…later work from the Australian duo. As ever, dark, otherworldly, etherial and ancient in their creative and modern approach to global music. This one was recorded in Quivvy Church in Ireland.

2. Max Pashme “Maneak” Never Mind The Balkans…

In a nod to the Sex Pistols, this Balkan-Klezmer-Bypsy band swings, and are reputed to put on quite a show…


3. Salah Ragab “Ramadan In Space” Egyptian Jazz

… sorry to have talked over this gem from the cat who not only introduced Egypt to jazz, but introduced it to a style steeped in respect for the work of the legendary Sun Ra. Moody, swinging uncomplicated genius music.

4. Delores Vargas “Anana Hip” Achilifunk

5. Ed Lincoln “Cochise”

… present at the birth of Bossa Nova, Lincoln is perhaps the best of its organists and this is my favorite song from his early work.

6. Ramiro Musotto “Assanhado” Civilizisao e Barbarye

7. Bomba Estereo “Ataole”

… and you will hear much more from a new ST favorite. out of Colombia and signed to Nacional Records, Bomba Estereo are the real deal. Cumbia, Hip Hop and other Afro-Latin styles are fully at play in this song re-working a tune from Batata y Su Rhumba Palenquera.

8. Quantic & Nicodemus “Puerto Rico pa Gozar” Digital Single

9. Nickodemus “N’Dini feat. Ismael KouyateSun Children

Nickodemus’ latest Sun Children is not to be missed if you love hip hop and global music; amply doses of the two is what he serves up on his latest and this cut is direct proof. Same rhythm as the song we have in rotation, only here, it gets a reggae treatment in the sense that it simply features a different vocal on the version. Brilliant!

10. Dom Um Romao “Cosinha II” Rhythm Traveller

some advanced, smart Brazilian jazz from the “kitchen” of ex-Weather Report drummer, the late Dom Um Romao


11. Cacique ’97 “En Quero Tudo” Cacique ’97

… Smoking hot Afrobeat from Cacique ‘97(Novente Siete), a collective of Portuguese and Mozambiquean artists who have emerged with their own tasty tribute to Fela and Tony Allen’s signature sound; from the barrios of Lisboa, Nigeria.

12. Bally Sagoo “Preeto de Ghar”

… Mystic, lush, slow-tempoed bhangra. Bally Sagoo amoung the first South Asian DJ/Producers to achieve lasting renown in the UK for his pioneering sound. Fusing Indian music, like Bollywood and bhangra, to hip hop and electronic music. Tasty!

13. Ghislain Poirier “Igniadjossi feat. Jhonel

…Ghis P at it on this banger featuring a little-known chanter named Jhonel. Ghislain (pron. Jees-lain) is from Montreal and is steady in his love of bass-heavy tropical beats. From Soca to Dancehall to African through Dubstep with guests running the gamut, always good.

14. Mungo’s HiFi “Divorce L’Italienne feat. Marina P.

15. Zizek “La Licuadora” ZZK – Digital Cumbia vol. 2

Cumbia 2.0, AKA Zizek the groundbreaking consortium of artists thriving on the digital excesses of our times, while reshaping the emerging sound of Argentine cumbia—call it cumbia nueva, tropical bass or cumbia digital…either way it is here to stay and awesome as hell!

16. Amadou & Mariam “Sabali (Uproot Andy Mix)”

… And the proof is that the style’s biggest producers are now the cutting-edge remixers of the day… Amadou & Mariam whose new single is in current rotation… here, get the cumbia nueva re-dress from Buenos Aires’ Uproot Andy.

17. Territorio Comanche “Cumbian Dub” Loteria Beats Mixtape vol. 1

… Barcelona’s best dub band is Territorio Comanche, and they’re actually Colombian… (it’s a wild world) and I’ve got a deep dub from these cats… from the recently released Loteria Beats Mixtape on Nacional Records


18. Alborosie “Natural Mystic feat. Ky-Mani Marley”


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  1. Smoking hot!
    Thanks for adding Us (Cacique ’97) To the mix.

    Big up

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