Respect The Architect: Architecture Inspired Ice Cream Sandwiches



Architecture, puns, ice cream, and two lovely ladies – what more can a guy ask for? How about all of that packaged in a twitter powered truck called Coolhaus (similar to Kogi Korean BBQ). Coolhaus is an ice cream truck taken to the “extreme”.  The name takes a twist on the famous architect Rem Koolhass.  Founded by two twenty-somethings Freya Estreller and Natasha Case, Coolhaus sells creative ice cream sandwiches with names like Frank Behry (sugar cookie, strawberry ice cream), Mies Vanilla Rohe (chocolate chip cookie, vanilla ice cram) and Richard Meyer Ginger Lemon(ginger cookie, lemon ice cream). As you can see, the sandwiches are “loosely” named after famous architects.  Not only the names are creative, but what the ice cream sandwiches are made of. The ice cream is homemade from local and organic ingredients when possible. The wrapper for the sandwiches is even edible which is made out of rice paper and the logo is soy based ink.


The ladies debuted  Coolhaus at this year’s Coachella.  Learn more about Coolhaus owner’s in this interview. In the meantime check out their website.


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