Sound Travels Wednesday…The French Connection


Sound Travels Wednesday Francophonic  Mix


Getting ready for Bastille Days here on Sound Travels this week. The annual homage to French culture is taking place at Cathedral Square Park Thursday through Sunday, and with Sound Travels being what it is– you must have seen the set-up coming. And with a name like Doucette, how could I not have some gems for you today?

Of course, I do indeed have a few… and considering the fact that French is spoken the world over, it’s not hard to give you a wide range of examples; from hip hop to rock, soul to electro– there is no shortage of styles on that front. In fact, if you are craving the sounds you’ve been hearing here on Sound Travels, I’ll be taking it to the streets at Bastille Days; first, with The Architect on Thursday and with Jordan and Scott Mullins on Friday. Both days, you can catch 88Nine in front of My-Keys on Jefferson right in the thick of the action. DJ’s start at 6pm and I know I speak for us all here in hoping we see you down there, don’t forget to say hi.


1. AIR “Ce Matin La”
2. Barbara Carlotti ” Anaïs”
3. Daft Punk “Something About Us”
4. Pause “Ou Tu Vas?”
5. Leeroy “Bounce Le Floor”
6. Marina Celeste “Le Choix Des Armes”
7. MC Solaar “La Vie Est Belle”
8. Mathieu Boogaerts “Chappe de Beton”
9. Sebastian Tellier “Fingers Of Steel”
10. Phoenix “Lisztomania”


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