Did DISCO ever really die?

This week’s marks the 30 year anniversary of the “Death Of Disco”.
By the end of the 1970s, Disco dominated the charts. Disco made up more than 40% of the charts, and the disco “industry” was making more money than professional sports, movies, or television industries at that time. In the summer of 1979, Steve Dahl had left his radio show in Detroit in protest when it adopted an all-disco play list. Dahl moved to WLUP in Chicago, and he and fellow DJ Garry Meier, tapped into a growing resentment of disco. They thought it was stupid music, so they mocked it and blew up records on air.

That summer, the radio station was approached by the White Sox, to host a promotion at Comeiskiy Park called Disco Demolition.
The promotion was simple: For a mere 98 cents listeners could bring all their unwanted disco records and watch them being blown up in a bin by Dahl and his fans.

Many described the Disco Demolition Night as “the death of disco”. Godfather of House Frankie Knuckles says that way the day disco was forced to go underground.

Growing up in the 80s, I was no stranger to the “disco sucks” phrase. In fact for the majority of my adolescence , I was under the impression that all “disco” was Saturday Night Fever-ish cheesy Bee Gees crap. It was not until I began to DJ in the late 90s that I discovered the beautiful side of this nationally hated music genre. Disco was, at it’s beginning, the natural evolution of Funk and Soul. I do agree that a lot of disco was cheesy pop, but much of it was great dance funk.

I’ve found a new love for disco as I dig through records, talk with fellow DJs and explore the evolution of American R&B and Soul. Many of my record “nerd” friends, love finding a rare european Disco 45rpm, andI’ve had a lot of great discussions with fellow producers like Asher of THE GLAMOUR, and Sage from CODEBREAKER about the awesome sounds that were introduced to pop and dance music through disco.

I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite “Future of Disco” picks.

Remember DISCO is NOT a dirty word!

MSTRKRFT and Justice together!!!!
I lve ths trck !


One Response

  1. I did not die.

    Even at Family parties, a bit of disco (and not the cheesey stuuf either) always gets people onto the floor

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