Sound Travels Sunday… L’Autre Francais


Sound Travels Sunday L’Autre France Mix


Got your Sunday styles here, Sound Travels wraps a week-long adventure to and through French speaking countries. And with that statement, the entire world really, is open to the mix, French is spoken on every continent and though it comes in second everywhere but France, it is a language that finds expression in music in a huge number of places. If you made it to Bastille Days, then you know that already. The Sunday Session sought to show you exactly how big that world is, with cuts in several styles from many lands, but all with that French Conection. This is what I played…


1. Don Cavalli “Summertime”

Don Cavalli hails from France, but you’d never know it listening to his album Cryland. The postmodern folk release captures the spirit of Americana with as much precision as a long-faced man in a Nashville bar, and Cavalli also maintains originality by incorporating electronic elements into the songs via his laptop. The album’s heart lies somewhere between gospel, soul, and lo-fil electronic music.

2. Jacques Dutronc “J’ai Mis Une Tigre Dans Ma Guitare”

…a French singer, composer, and actor. He has been married to singer Françoise Hardy. “J’ai un tigre dans ma guitare”…one of his most popular tunes…
3. Eileen “Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher”

Eileen with a cover of “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” classic a pop song composed by Lee Hazlewood and first recorded by Nancy Sinatra… Sounds great en Francais…
4. Johnny Hallyday “Mal”

Johnny Hallyday, influenced by Elvis Presley and the 1950s rock revolution, Johnny, as he is popularly known, became famous in the 1960s for singing rock and roll in French. is considered by some to be the French version of Elvis Presley. Hallyday has had a 48-year career in music and is one of France’s biggest stars. 400 tours, 18 platinum albums, performed in front of 25 million people, and sold more than 100 million records. Still a top stage act in France at the tender age of 64…
5. Bertrand Burgulat “Grande Remise”
6. Andrej 747 “Encore et Encore”
7. Sebastien Tellier “Look”

Electro never sounded so tender… a certain filthiness matched by some beautiful arrangement from this underrated player…
8. Daara J “Esperanza feat Sgt. Garcia”

West African hip hop heavyweights, Daara J have a solid sound that manages to be friendly yet foreign, different but in a familiar sort of way. This one is a few years old now and still holds up.
9. Leeroy “Jetlag”

Leeroy may be a splinter cell from the Saian Supa Crew, but he may be the best of that beast as well. His last two releases impressive for their worldliness, as well as for those fresh, urbane beats.
10. Cheb Tarik “Viens faire Un Tour A Barbes”

I love Rai and I loves it with my hip hop…fire.
11. SupaDona “300.000 feat. Amsara”
12. Eric Daniel “6 Millions”

French sounds really superb within the nu-R&B style, so smooth with a cut against racism in France is Eric Daniel thith a cut…
13. Daniel Janin et Jean-Claude Pierre “Black Night”

In some ways a shame that I talked of this fine instrumental. Here in this version of the mix it stands apart.
14. Vive La Fete “La Verite”
15. Mademoiselle K “Ca Me Vexe”

Katerine, the lead singer, and the K in question apparently was inspired to play after seeing a man playing in the woods
16. Chateau Marmot “Beagle”
17. Charlotte Gainsbourg “The Operation”

Just had to get a Gainsbourg in here, Serge is too slow for this one I think…
18. Brigitte Bardot “Tu Veux ou Tu Veux Pas”
19. Daft Punk “Something About Us”

Got to be my absolute favorite Daft Punk song, and I like a bunch of them, that slow, almost lazy beat warm with honest lyrics and just the right amount of funkiness.
20. Saian Supa Crew “Quand J’etais Gamin”


Here’s Friday’s Sound Travels. Sorry I didn’t get this up sooner– a busy weekend with Bastille Days had me think about tagging it up with Sunday’s mix…

Sound Travels Friday French Connection II



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  1. Marcus, This a brilliant show! Simply delightful. SO glad I caught it live. Was unable to hear it at the time and am thrilled to revisit it online. C’est bon, vivant!

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