Sound Travels Sunday…Freethink Mix


Sound Travels Sunday Freethink Mix



1. Huun Huur Tu “Tuvan Prayer w/Carmen Rizzo” Eternal

2. Quantic & His Orchestra Barbaro “Albela” Titradition In Transition

3. Céu “Sonâmbulo” Vagarosa

4. Alpha Blondy “Brigadier Sabrasy” Nova 25 Ans

5. Andrej 747 “Encore et Encore” Il A Cinque Heures A Kingstown”

6. DJ Drez “Jahta Dance” Jahta Beat – The Progression

7. Orchestre Festival du Zaire “Shauri Yako Pt. 1”

8. Sunsum Band “Mensee Madwen feat. Becky B”

9. Carlos Lamartine “Kuale N’go Valado (Mauricio Pacheco Mix) Comfusões I- From Angola

10. LD “Traumatic Times” Traumatic Time EP

11. G Corp “No Burial (The Burial Mix)

12. Improvsators In Dub “Dub Injustice” Inna Steppa Sound

13. Soulico “Put Em Up”

14. Suzanna Owiyo “Suna Ka Ngeya” Mama Africa

15. King Kora “Kelu Kalabante” Mandingda

16. Mdungu “Boolow Gumbia” Afro What!?

17. DePedro “Comanche” De Pedro

18. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition “Greenwood Groove”

19. Group Inerane “Telilite” Guitars From Agadez


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  1. Hey Marcus you need to check out The Very Best if you haven’t yet and they will go well with sound travels.

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