The Devil and Daniel Johnston..Free Screening

We’ve just confirmed with our friends at Turner Hall Ballroom that we will be presenting a FREE screening of The Devil and Daniel Johnston on Wednesday, August 5th at 8PM. Yes, there will be popcorn to go along with those $3 PBR Tall Boys that we all know and love.  All ages are welcome (for the movie, not the tall boys)

Daniel Johnston at Turner Hall- 2007

Daniel Johnston at Turner Hall- 2008 Photo by: C.J. Foeckler

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the movie tells the story of Daniel Johnston, an Austin based musician who suffers from bipolar disorder.  He’s truly a fascinating and inspirational human!  Back in the day, he’d make tapes and hand-distribute them around Austin.  Rumor has it that when the tapes would run out, he’d re-record all the music rather than dubbing a new version…pretty awesome!  His music has been covered by the likes of Wilco, M. Ward, Tom Waits and may more famous musicians.  Kurt Cobain was also a big fan of Daniel Johnston and in fact often wore a t-shirt depicting the cover of Johnston’s Hi, How Are You album.

Flea and Kurt Cobain

Flea and Kurt Cobain

Below is the trailer for The Devil and Daniel Johnston.  Check it out and stop by Turner Hall on August 5th for a free screening.  Also, make sure to come back on August 14th to see Daniel Johnston live.


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