Sound Travels Sunday


Sound Travels Sunday Rubbed Dubs Mix


Another Sunday Sound Travels here in the heart of summer. As August finally finds the heat to hit even the coolest spots East of the Milwaukee River, I thought the week perfect for a reggae workout. Admittedly, I have more than a simple bias for reggae, dancehall, dub and all that Jamaica has helped inspire. Nevertheless, the sound is broad enough to cover in a week. So that’s what we have done, every set a new taste of vintage and modern sounds from the Island and from places around the world. This Sunday’s session really was no different.

Started out with a mash-up  from the Heatwave massive in London between 88Nine favorite Valentina and Queen of the Dance, Tanya Stephens. Miss V’s “Guilt Trip” works sonically and thematically resonates with Stephens’ “It’s A Pity.” And I love that song from Tanya, her sound is always fierce and feminist while staying real and so I finished the mash with the complete version of her song. The songs were both on 2004’s Doctors Darling Riddim, one which gets mad play at Chalice In The palace gigs here in Milwaukee. I finish the first set riddimwise on that DD Riddim, on cuts from Sizzla and Anthony B.

The second starts with an exellent cut from an artist who is really more of an ellectronic artist whose forays range toward dubstepp and an occassional reggae vibe. This cut is niceness, and features nice lines from Dominican chanter Paul St. Hilaire aka Tikiman. And on to another awesome song from French dub creator Pupajim, whose mellow vibe is backed with solide vibes! Fire from Alborosie’s first album Soul Pirate, where he has like three or four huge, anthemic scorchers filled with proper sounds, this one might be the best from an album that I’d recommend to fans of dancehall music.

Lots of left field reggae beats follow with a version on the Police original from Polish reggae singer Ragana, a classic reggae voice, Big Youth with a steppers-grade workout on a Biblical themed Rasta chant. Toronto’s star dub producer Dubmatix, with a nice dub shaped reference to hashish that I wash with a mega-hot cut from an artist I know very little about other than a penchance for quick-fire chants over advanced beats that really sound futuristic and funky.

Classics is the way we go at the end of this Sunday session, with music from two of my favorite classic Roots reggae voices, Bob Marley and Dennis Brown. Hope you check the set, thanks.


Heatwave: Tanya Stephens/Valentina “It’s A Pity”
Sizzla “Pure Love” Doctors Darling Riddim
Anthony B “Water Pumpee” Doctors Darling Riddim
Deadbeat “Babylon Correction feat. Paul St. Hilaire” Roots & Wire
Pupajim “Buisiness Of War” single
Alborosie “Police” Soul Pirate
Subatomic Soundsystem “Walking On The Moon feat. Ragana” Northern Faction vol.4
Big Youth “Lions Den Remix”
Ragga Twins “Tan So Black” Ragga Twins Step Out
Gurukka “Rasta Love”                                                                                          Noiseshaper “The Only Redeemer feat. Jasha” Real To Reel
Dubmatix “Hashashin Dub”
Chronic Sonata “Everyday(Leaf System SeedOrg Remix” Northern Faction vol. 4
Straight Roots Productions “Dub Transistor” Dakini Dub
Dennis Brown “Sitting And Watching” Sly & Robbie 1978-1990
Bob Marley “Wake Up And Live” B Is For Bob

and I also have last Friday’s ST…

Sound Travels Friday Reggae Potion Pt.3


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