Selda rocks! Mos Def

Back with a HOT NEW 7 O Clock Sample. I was listneing to the new MOS DEF album with my buddy Jonathan and I thought, ” WHAT IS THAT SAMPLE?!?”.
After some research and digging I found the source for Mos Def’s high energy track SUPERMAGIC!

Oooh we that’s a funky jam! That screaming guitar comes from a very unexpected source.
Turkish political activist and folk singer SELDA! Selda Bağcan was a famous folk singer in the 1970s. Her protest style and leftist, socialist political views both in lyrical and activist means brought her a great support from the public yet caused many troubles with the military and governmental authorities. Selda Bağcan’s lyrics demonstrate a political struggle as well as the problems and demands of working class and the public. While I did not know ANYTHING about her music before looking up this sample, I found that she has some really great sounds.

Check out the source for this sample… Ince Ince


2 Responses

  1. This sample is everywhere apparently, it’s used in (basically constitutes) Oh No’s “Heavy” and I hear it’s featured on a madlib track as well

  2. Jordan,
    Thank you for the post! Check out the DVD “Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul”, (which was shown at the Milwaukee International Film Festival a few years back), if you are curious about modern Turkish music.

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