New Music Wednesday: The Avett Brothers, Breakestra, The Salt Shakers, The Swell Season


For New Music Wednesday 9/30/09, we have new music from The Avett Brothers, Breakestra, The Salt Shakers, The Swell Season. Listen to the tracks below and then let us know what you think by voting for your favorite tune. We’ll announce the winner next week.

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The Avett Brothers – “Kick Drum Heart”
The Salt Shakers – “Please Don’t Walk Away”
The Swell Season – “Low Rising”

The Weekly Top 5 Countdown: Money Music

top 5The Weekly Top 5 Countdown wrap-up here, and Scott and I had money in the mind with today’s topic. Of course, with the Fall Fund Drive in mind, it’s understandable. That said, there are tons of songs that fit the theme quite nicely. This is what we came up with…


Eric B. & Rakim “Paid In Full”


Elmore James “Shake Your Money Maker”


Funkadelic “Funky Dollar Bill”


The Flying Lizards “Money”


Horace Andy “Money”

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Sound Travels: Dubplates, and A Whole Lot More…

soundtravels_logoSound Travels Wednesday Dubplate Special Mix


On recommendation from Jordan, I got back to some real roots music for me– old-school dub. In some ways, the dub is simply reggae on an instrumental basis; but for me that is only partly true. Many of the songs that I played for you all on Wednesday have other versions if you will, that employ singers, deejays, chanters, singjays and whatnot and the dub is a reworking of the cut that often removes the vocal part and emphasizing the instrumental parts while adding a strong dose of echo, reverb and delay to “dub” it out. Parts of the vocal often make cameos, and some producers, like Lee Perry and Mad Professor (to name but two) even add dubbed out animal sounds from cows, horses and of course, Lions. As you can tell the genre is largely a producer-driven sound. And is historic because it marks a time of technical and conceptual innovation that though intrinsic to dub reggae, would become tricks of the trade for  producers everywhere from that point on.

What I played today was a smattering of seminal producers from the genre’s inception. A birth of necessity and of competition as, soundsystems were often local and dubplates were the ammunition for deejays to ply their trade and chat pon the track. The “track,” is the dub, or version as it is also known. Versions today included some artists that would be an excellent starting point should you want to explore the genre to a fuller degree; this is what you heard…


Sept. 09-23-09

Keith Hudson “Highter Hights” Brand

Lee “Scratch” Perry “Little Flute Chant” Scratch Attack!

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Interview with Pedal Pushers MKE

Jordan here!
This morning I had the pleasure to welcome Shea from Pedal Pushers Society to tell me more about their 2nd Annual PEDAL PUSHER PROM, this Saturday September 26th at Stonefly Brewery.

Riverwest-based Pedal Pusher Society organizes rides just for the ladies on the first Thursday of every month. There goal is to encourage more MKE females to get out of the car, and hop on a bike.
Shea let me know that more than 1% of Milwaukee’s transportation is on a bike. That’s up significantly from even this time last year.
Take a listen to more of what Shea had to say…

Fun-Drive Wrap Up PARTY!!!

As you’ve most likely already heard, we are hosting our fall membership drive September 28th through October 2nd here on 88Nine. When the on air drive wraps up at 6pm on Friday, the partying begins. We are going to take over Cafe Centraal in Bayview.

Fall Membership Drive Party

The party will kick off with members of the 88NINE Staff on the ones and twos. ( That’s turntables for those who are un-hip.) We’ve also got a great line up of Milwaukee musicians to keep the night interesting. Perfromances will kick off with Scott Hlavenka hitting the stage at 9pm, followed by Ethan Keller at 9:30. Then Mark Waldoch of The Celebrated Working Man will perform a solo set. At 10:30, the always exciting Pezzettino hit the stage, accordion in hand and ready to rock. At 11pm, Radio Milwaukee is excited to welcome home Milwaukee musician sensation Evan Christian. Evan has been in Europe for the past year playing flamenco guitar and sharpening his chops through out eastern Europe.

The night will also feature some of Milwaukee’s finest DJs in the outdoor beer garden. The 88Nine staff will be rockin’ the tent until 9pm, when DJ Bizzon hits the decks. DJ BlackMix will take over at 10:30pm with his unique and ecletic sounds. DJ e.Rich will wrap the party up with a performance you will NOT want to miss. E.Rich will be spinning music videos live at Centraal. We are very excited to hear ( and see ) what he has lined up for us.

This will be an AMAZING night of performances, all in celebration of your membership to listener supported radio. Thank you in advance, and mark your calendars for OCTOBER 2nd!

Change in Sampling.

On today’s 7 O Clock sample, I wanted to again go through De La Soul’s THREE FEET HIGH AND RISING ALBUM.
This album has well over 50 unique samples used throughout the project. ( I wish you could get away with that today!) This morning I played ” Change In Speak”.

This track uses a number of great samples.

“Bra” by Cymande

“No Strings Attached” by The Mad Lads

And some not so good ones!
The Monkees…

Marshall Crenshaw stops by 88Nine

Marshall Crenshaw popped into the 88Nine studios this afternoon for a couple of songs and a chat with Scott Mullins.

Marshall in studio performing "Whenever You're On My Mind"

Marshall in studio performing "Whenever You're On My Mind"


He performed “Passing Through” from his new release: “Jaggedland” (off mic he told Scott that Jaggedland had no meaning…it was just a word he thought of at a given time…and besides “I live in the mountains” he added).  A few questions and a guitar change later Marshall performed one of his pop masterpieces, “Whenever You’re On My Mind”. 

As I was driving Marshall across town he reminiced about spending a couple weeks in Milwaukee in the late 1970’s with “Beatlemania” (he played John)… “Great city, Milwaukee”, Marshall remarked.

Listen below, or download the podast of today’s in-studio visit here.