Sound Travels: East Meets West…In the Indies


Sound Travels Friday Banghall Mix 3


Upping the ante with the energy in today’s set, I continued the theme we started with on Monday. East meets West in the Indies; or India and Jamaica meet inna de dancehall. However you want to put it the blend of vibes perfect for the end of summer, and uptempo too, just to give you some velocity heading into the weekend. If you need the details, here you go…

Track List: Banghall 09/04/09

Jassi Sidhu “Putt Jatt Da” Bhangra Dance Hits

Kulwinder Johal “Pharanghi Rail”

Black Uhuru “Party” Party Riddim 03:23

Taxi Gang “Party Time Version” Taxi Singles 1

Eshara “Kaka”

Dhol Enforcement Agency “Bhangra Beat Chuppy Kerwha Dholak” Instrumen-dhols

Ninjaman “Good Music” Taxi Singles volume 3

Heatwave “Piano Riddim (instrumental)” Piano Riddim

Damian Marley “Road To Zion” Welcome To Jamrock

Gurbhej Brar “Paun Boliyan”

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