Sound Travels Wednesday: Angola 70 II


Sound Travels Wednesday Angola 70 Mix II


More of that Angolan fix for you. The sound is Semba and the vibe is revolution, mixed with pervasive social change. I love the music for the way that it makes me feel. More than for lyrical content, as I speak very little Portuguese and even less Bantu; I simply love the feel of the music. Though it should also be noted that the music comes from a profound period in the nation’s history as they were wresting freedom from the Portuguese and (ultimately) about to do some national soul-searching in the form of a brutal civil war. Spirited times indeed, and the music bears this fruit… If you missed the set this is what it looked like.


Rudolfo Kituxi “Nguitabule” Angola 80

Bonga “Ku Tando” Angola ’72

António dos Santos “Quando Eu Morrer” Angola – The greatest songs from the 60’s and the 70’s

Unknown “Ministro Gatuno”

Conjuto Os Tropicais “Saudades de Triago” So Merengue vol. 2

Orquesta Semba Tropical “Ku Tambi ya Veya Kaombo” Angola ’80

Ciros Cordeiro da Mata “Kappopola Makongo (Moreno Veloso RMX)” Comfusões 1 – From Angola To Brasil


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  1. Have you ever played Jorge Drexler, from Uruguay? He did the famous song on Motorcycle Diaries. One of my favorites is De Amor Y De Casualidad.

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