Soliloquy of Ahmad Jamal

7 o clock sample time…

Ok, so now that we are past that lame introduction, it’s time for an adventure is samples. ( wow I’m in a cheesy mood today. )
This week I wanted to pick songs that, when sampled, are totally different than the original. This morning I chose a great jazz track from Ahmad Jamal.
On his album Jamaica, Ahmad does a great cover of the song Misdemeanor. It’s got a fun and funky groove to it. Check it out!

Now when you listen to this Gang Starr track, that light hearted groove is replaced with a more dramatic sound. Dj Premier samples the intro strings and Guru takes a darker and more serious approach to the lyrics on SOLILOQUY OF CHAOS.


One Response

  1. WOW! Great picks! What an incentive to create/recreate; proof that the only limit for one to experiment is the depth they’re willing to allow their mind to go.

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