The Weekly Top 5 Countdown: Scandinavia

Hey all, Marcus here with your Top 5 recap. This week, Scott Mullins and I, noticed that 88Nine plays a lot music from Scandinavian artists; like Lykke Li, Miike Snow, Peter Bjorn & John etc…, and had a feeling that it is a bit top 5more than a trend. Lots of great music coming outta countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark and such. So here’s a few more good ones we thought of (that we aren’t even playing!), and illustrating perhaps a greater truth; that of the dearth of talent coming out of Northern Europe. This is what we played for you yesterday…


Movits! “Appelnyckarjazz”


Raveonettes “Love In A Trashcan”


Anna Ternheim “You Are My Everything”


A-Ha “Take On Me”


Royksopp “Remind Me”


One Response

  1. Great list! I definitely would’ve had Miike Snow’s “Animal” on there. Who doesn’t love a good list? Check out my Top 5 Music Countdown every Friday here!

    Musicianaries, UNITE!!!

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