Toshi Reagon Interview

Milwaukee, you don’t know how good you got it; big city attractions and a small town vibe. Small enough to get around easy but big enough to be difficult to ignore, let alone count out. Advantages that are somehow easy to forget when from toshi-reagontime to time special performers seem to skip a stop in our fair burgh for the gaudy Chicago skyline or even eschewing us in favor of the charm of Madison. 88Nine is committed to ending travesties like this, and judging from Alverno College’s Alverno Presents series, they are too.

Gotta hand it to the directors over there at Alverno Pesents, the season of darkness looks very bright due to their diligence at bringing a wide variety of worldly, unique artists to Milwaukee for what is becoming more and more common– very special concerts in a city used to get skipped over on the regular.

This weekend presents another opportunity for Milwaukee to see a performer of very special quality. Toshi Reagon and her band BIGLovely, who are on a short tour of the Midwest and will be in Milwaukee on Saturday night at Alverno’s Pittman Theater(8pm). I recently had a moment to chat with Toshi,



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