Sound Travels Friday: The Trip is The Destination

Sound Travels Friday


What can I say, it’s Friday. I’ll keep the debriefing brief. We got the mix here and the track listing below. Now you know.

Tracklisting: Artist-Song-Album-Time Played

Tommy T “The Response feat. Gigi” Prester John Sessions 12:03-12:07

The Black Ghosts “Full Moon” The Black Ghosts 12:07-12:09

Nightmares On Wax “Deepdown” Inna Space Outta Sound 12:09-12:11

Deise Tigrona “Injecao” Bottletop Presents Sound Affects:Brazil 12:11-12:13

M.I.A. “Bamboo Banga” Kala 12:13-12:14

Jazzanova “Look What You’re Doin To Me feat Phonte” Of All The Things 12:14-12:16

Thriller “Hubble” Swarm/Hubble Single 12:16-12:18

Awa-Klash “Akoba” Sound Affects Malmaison Africa 12:18-12:24

The Bar-Kays “(Busted)” Propositions 12:24-12:25

Jah Mason“Continental Universal” 10″ vynil 12:25-12:28

Oscar Sulley “Bokum Mashie” Gilles Peterson In Africa 12:28-12:29


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