Fan Made Music Video: Phoenix, “Lisztomania (Brooklyn Pack Mashup)”

I’m a big fan of fan-made music videos.  Some of them are better than the original video. Well a bunch of kids decided to make a video for Phoenix’s popular song Lisztomania.  The video is actually based on a mashup video featuring the Brat Pack.  Check it out below.  Milwaukee video producers, we do our own version, I bet we could do a better version than Brooklyn.

Here is the original:

San Francisco also got into the act with their version:


7 Responses

  1. I know some of the people in the Brooklyn vid- A bunch of Phillipino kids made a fan vid of the Brooklyn fan vid of the Brat Pack vid. Here:

  2. go on. we dare you.


  3. You can talk the talk… but can you tribute the tribute?

    my soul shivers in anticipation. internationally sensationalize!

  4. Once I find some video producers, it is on. And once we do it,you will love it just like our beer PBR!

  5. and we LOVE pbr. it’s like a 2nd currency around here.

  6. You have to drink PBR in Milwaukee. It is the only way to really appreciate it.

    Hey Brooklyn, here is little taste of the talent we have in Miltown…

  7. BTW I dig that Will Smith video tribute. That is so cool.

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