Find A Way with Towa Tei

Today I’m presenting one of my absolute favorite samples.  I’d been looking for this sample for a very long time.

I knew what the song was, but I could not find the album, when I finally got it, I was bragging to Tarik that I had found one of my favorite samples, to which he said… ” Oh, I’ve got that album”

So what is this sample that I explored the crates to often to find? It’s my favorite J Dilla and Tribe Called Quest collaboration on all time…

This song comes from one of the greatest Hip Hop album ever made, THE LOVE MOVEMENT. This was the final installment in the Tribe Called Quest Anthology. While the fellas have all gone on to produce solo and side projects, this was the final ATCQ project.

Two years before this album was out, DJ Towa Tei from Dee Lite, put out a funky little number called “Technova” This song featured the lovely sounds of Bebel Gilberto. J Dilla picked up on the funky sounds of this song, and sampled up this track for “Find A Way”


Towa Tei sampled THIS Antonio Carlos Jobim song for Technova…

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