New Music Wednesday: Decibully, Trixie Whitley, Anuhea and Black Gold

New Music Wednesday 12/16/09, we have new music from Milwaukee’s Decibully, Trixie Whitley, Anuhea and Black Gold. Listen to the tracks below and then let us know what you think by voting for your favorite tune. We’ll announce the winner next week.

New Music Wednesday is sponsored by Penebaker Enterprises

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Decibully – “Somewhere in the World”

3 Responses

  1. Clearly, no one voting here could ever be a music executive by today’s standards, let alone step in to play the role of Simon Cowell…
    I’m friends with Decibully, shot them a vote and agree that they’re damn fine musicians and I really dig the new track (like the popular vote dictates).

    This vote appears to be a popularity contest reflecting support for a ‘non-mainstream’ sound -you’d have to be tone deaf to not know that the best vocal should go to Anuhea. She gets a 2nd vote from me…damn, that shits well produced!

  2. Wow, I totally agree with Vijay – local faves Decibully are definitely cool, but frankly I had to give my vote to Anuhea – I can’t stop listening to the sample and am going to iTunes and am going to buy it now….

    I will say that I am happy we have a station progressive enough to bring us some new music and not just all the pre-ordained hit artists from major labels and the likes of Simon Cowell!

    Good job 88nine!

  3. Right Love Wrong Time is so fresh. Totally diggin it

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