What?!! A Grammy Nominee to get Excited About!!

Okay, let’s be honest. The Grammy nominees look more like it were pick by editors and writers for Teen Beat  rather than people who know, appreciate and listen to music.  Of course, there are some nominees such as MGMT who were nominated 3 or 4 times, but I be surpriesd if they actually win a single one.  The Grammy’s is a popularity contest and really has nothing to do with music.

But there is one shining ray of hope, a project by the name of The Foreign Exchange was nominated for Best Urban/Alternative Performance for the song “Daykeeper” featuring DC’s Muhsinah.  The song came from the sophomore release from The Foreign Exchange that consists of Phonte from Little Brother and producer Nicolay from the Netherlands (yep, the Netherlands).  The story of how this project came to be is amazing and demonstrates the power and influence that the internet has had on music and not just filesharing. “Daykeeper” came from the album “Leave It All Behind” and it kind of reminds me  if Radiohead want to do a soul and r&b record.

With their nomination, hell has gotten a little colder. Now only if they win that Grammy.

Check out the Phonte Coleman talk about the nomination and story of The Foreign Exchange

Here is the video for “Daykeeper”

Also check out one of my favorite songs from the album entitled “House of Cards”


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