Now this is what I call a Jam Band (version 2.0)

It is truly amazing what you can do and create with internet. The ability to work with people from the four corners of the world is simply unbelievable. This project, video, and song is a great example of the potential of what someone can do with a computer, video cameras, and a simple connection to the internet.  The video features 8 people with 5 instruments originally from 4 Continents speaking 3 languages for 1 song. The musicians are Esna Yoon(singer), Dumfoundead (MC), Herbal T (MC), CAV3 (MPC), Tio (Guitar), DJ Zo (Scratches), Lukas (Piano) and Chirs Hong (Bass).

From the director Brian of Cain Mosni:

Concept was inspired by the amazing Galt MacDermot and his song called “Coffee Cold”. While I was in college, Handsome Boy Modeling (Prince Paul and Dan the Automator ) flipped it with J-Live and Roisin Murphy from Moloko and called it “The Truth”. Go check out all those versions. Know your history.


You can actually download the song for free:


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