Beauty and the Beats | TOKiMONSTA

I love the new “beat” generation, and no I not talking about the 60’s and poets like Jack Kerouac. I’m talking about a new breed of electronic producers and the scene they have created.  The scene reminds me of the jazz scene from the late 50s and 60s that I studied in school. The ironic thing about the previous statement is that the poster child for this movement, Flying Lotus, great aunt is legendary artist Alice Coltrane.  The music can be melodic, abstract,soft, and hard.  Los Angeles seems to be the epicenter of this new beat movement. DJs such as BBC’s Mary Anne Hobbs have championed the music and the scene.  West Coast Rocks has been a term to label the scene coming out of Los Angeles. Artists from Daedelus to Gaslamp Killer to Lazer Sword, and others have further the sound and scene.  The scene has even expanded across the pond with artists such as Hudson Mohawke and Rusko. For the most part, the scene has been dominated by men until now. Meet TOkiMONSTA. Don’t let that face fool you, she can create some sick beats, and she is not to be mess with when comes to production.  She is currently signed to Flying Lotus’ label Brainfeeder.  Check out some of her tracks below.


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