Don’t Sleep On | Lou Rhodes

Sometimes you come across music, you don’t think you would go for, but when it happens, it is something very special. Lou Rhodes is not a new artist by a long stretch. Originally part of the band Lamb, which fused electronica, trip hop, jazz, and elements of hip hop, Lou Rhodes is an English singer/songwriter that has released two solo albums on her own label Infinite Bloom. She has even worked with such artists such as Cinematic Orchestra, A Guy Called Gerald, 808 State and others. Her solo releases were a departure from the sound of Lamb, and other collaborations. She stripped down all the electronics to embrace the seemingly simple, but the very complex sound of folk music. She is now about to release her solo third release in March on Motion Audio Records called ‘One Good Thing’. Motion Audio Records is a label started by Jason Swinscoe, frontman of the British jazz-electronic hybrid Cinematic Orchestra, Ninja Tune records, and and his A&R rep Dominic Smith. You can download a track from the album for free.

Lou Rhodes – “There For The Taking” (download)

Check out this mini-doc on Lou Rhodes.


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