Are You Feeling This (SXSW Edition) | Amp Live, Antennas Up, Anita Tijoux and Avi Buffalo

Lots of songs never make it to the radio that are getting lots of attention online. Live tracks, sanctioned and unsanctioned remixes, mash-ups, overlooked gems by unsigned artists. Every week on “Are You Feeling This,” we invite you to hear what the buzz is all about. You tell us what you think. Vote in the Are You Feeling This poll, leave a comment, send us an e-mail.

In two weeks 88Nine Producer Adam Carr and myself will be heading to SXSW interactive, film, music conference and festival, so we decided to do a SXSW edition of “Are You Feeling This”.  All of the artists featured are performing at this year’s SXSW in Austin, TX. We have music from Amp Live of Zion I, Antennas Up, Chilean hip hop aritst Anita Tijoux, and Sub Pop artist Avi Buffalo. Take a listen below and let us know what you think by voting in the “Are You Feeling This” listener poll.

The first song comes from an artist that has had his share of the headlines in the past.  His name is Amp Live. He is the producer, and DJ for the west coast hip hop group Zion I.  He made waves with his Radiohead remix project called RainyDayz.  Apparently, Radiohead’s label gave Amp Live a cease & desist notic not to release his remix project, which was to be released for free. Amp Live made a plea via YouTube to Thom Yorke and the band.  Thom Yorke sided with Amp Live and allowed him to release his remix project.  Amp Live has a solo album coming out called,”Murder At The DiscoTeck” and Gary Is  A Robot is the first single from the album.  He will be performing at SXSW.
Amp Live feat. Trackademics – “Gary is A Robot” (download)
The second song comes from a band out of Kansas City, and they go by the name of Antennas Up. The band’s sound comprises of pop, electro, with a dash of funk. They definitely have a sound that will fill up the dancefloor.  I would love them to play with Milwaukee’s Codebreaker. Antennas Up will be playing at Spill on March 20th at 8pm in Austin, TX during SXSW.
Antennas Up – “Don’t Wait Up” (download)
This next artist comes from Chile.  Her name is Anita Tijoux and she is a MC.  I’m very concerned for her and the people of Chile after that tragic eathquake this past weekend. Anita was born in France and she pays homage to the early 90’s era of hip hop on her latest album called “1977”, the year she was born. Anita is supposed to headline the Chilean Music Showcase at SXSW on March 20th at Maggie Mae’s. Our prayers go out to her and all of Chile.
Anita Tijoux – “1977” (download)
The final song comes from Avi Buffalo who are a labelmate of Milwaukee’s Jaill.  The band is out of Long Beach, California. Avi Buffalo was once just the kid named Avi (short for Avigdor Zahner Isenberg). The following song “What’s In It For?” is what got them noticed by Sub Pop, one of the most important indie labels in the country. Avi Buffalo will be playing the Sub-Pop showcase on March 18 at 10pm at The Galaxy Room in Austin, TX.

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