Hear the Avett Brothers Concert from the Riverside This Saturday, March 6th

The Avett Brothers show at the Riverside is sold out. If you didn’t get your ticket, we got the next best thing. We will broadcast the concert live starting at 9pm. Tune into 88Nine (88.9FM) this Saturday to hear the Avett Brothers concert from the Riverside. Then we will rebroadcast the show again 15 minutes after the performance. You can also stream online at radiomilwaukee.org.


7 Responses

  1. Will you also be making this a podcast for download? I listen to the Bon Iver podcast all the time.

  2. Not sure yet. It depends on what the label says.

  3. I would love to hear a podcast of last night’s Avett Brothers concert also.

  4. Arggh! Missed the live stream !*#!$*^*&%! Please make the Avett Brothers concert available! I would be willing to make a donation for it.

  5. Please post a podcast of this concert!

  6. is it posible to still hear this?

  7. We are waiting on approval from them and their label.

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