Freebie | the notorious xx: notorious B.I.G. vs. the xx

Mashups are everywhere now, some good, some bad. What I like about mashups are that they break down music boundaries and eliminate genres. I have seen mashups inspire original music and collaborations such as Kid Cudi’s track “Pursuit of Happiness” featuring MGMT & Ratatat.  The most recent mashup project that I just found about courtesy of Muzzle of Bees twitter page is called The Notorious xx: Notorious B.I.G. vs the xx. The project was created by wait what.

‘Debut album from wait what marries vocals from The Notorious B.I.G. and instrumentals from The xx to create minimalist indie rock hip hop record, the notorious xx
Download the whole album from here. Here is the tracklisting:
1. dead wrong intro
2. juicy-r
3. it’s all about the crystalizabeths
4. islands is the limit
5. one more chance for a heart to skip a beat
6. suicidal fantasy
7. everyday shelter
8. basic hypnosis
9. infinite victory
10. the curious incident of big poppa in the nighttime
11. mo stars mo problems

the notorious xx – “mo stars mo problems”


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