Sound Travels Sunday to Monday

Just catching you all up on the Sound Travels front here. Got the Nomadik Mix from Sunday as well as the Monday’s session. Sunday’s set was all about Afrobeat and none of the names are Fela, Femi or Sean with nary a Tony Allen to even suggest their presence. Instead I focused on artists also participating in the sound, though in their own inimitably funky ways. Unfortunately, my playlist was deleted…though thankfully, the mix is intact and pretty hot at that.

Sound Travels Sunday Nomadik Mix


Monday’s set is all there…

Sound Travels Monday


The Mars Volta ” Asilos Magdalena”  Amputechture

Teta Lando “Muato Wa N’Gingila” Angola – The greatest songs from the 60’s and the 70’s

Rico Rodriguez “Wareika Vibes” Wareika Vibes

B Real “Fire feat. Damian Marley” Smoke N Mirrors

Clorofila “Nicole Ya No Baila Aqui” Corridos Urbanos

Ekiti Son “April Weather. [Digi Remix]

Nightmares On Wax “Ethnic Majority” Carboot Soul

Gaelic Storm “The Samurai Set” What’s the Rumpus?


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