The Weekly Top 5 Countdown: Ten Shots of Milwaukee’s Best and One Last Turn With Scott Mullins

Sad is the day when you gotta say goodbye to friend and co-worker and the reason is nevertheless worthy– even good. Such is the case for this Top 5 Countdown today, my last with Scott Mullins, the new Program Director of Baltimore’s WTMD 89.7. Wish I could be salty, but I am not. And although this sucks, you should be happy for him if not for our collective loss of a true statesman in the booth and a taste-maker on the decks. Fitting that this T5C be a special one that is about what we are all most proud of here at 88Nine; our(collective) scene in Milwaukee and the musicians that make it sound so good. So thanks to all of you who support the scene in Mil-ville and if you got a moment, let Scott know he’ll be missed!(


1956 “Persistent”


Maritime “For Science Fiction”


Lmntlyst “Summertime”


Rip Off Artists “Wishful Thinker”


Evan Christian “Lover’s Be”


Codebreaker “Riviera on the Moon”


Frankie Flowers “Koolness”


Kings Go Forth “Don’t Take My Shadow” 


Fever Marlene “We Are All Colors”


Paul Cebar “Her New Church”  tie with The Lackloves “Hallmark Stars”


Sound Travels: New World Music Parte Dos

If you caught Sound Travels today, you also caught a window to the future. All five of the songs for today’s set were new releases; one from a legend, and four others from artists on the rise.

First, Ana Moura whose fourth album, Leva-me aos fados (Take Me to a Fado House), finds this next generation Portuguese fadista in full bloom. Fado as is a graceful yet mournful, all-acoustic tradition that delivers the depths of love failed and always move on the chord of desperate longing. Moura’s rich, exquisitely bittersweet alto is breathtaking in its strong yet aching vulnerability. She often decides which songs to sing on the spot and her connection to the Moment gives life to her fado,every melody with lyrics that cut to the core. Whether facing down a triumphant rival (Caso Arrumado – A Settled Affair) in a duel of fadistas (as they are called), dodging doom-inflected omens (Como uma nuvem no céu – Like A Cloud In The Sky), or weeping in solitude at day’s end (A Penumbra – Dusk), dark and passionate and all that I love about fado and of Portugal.

Ana Moura “A Penumbra”


Though Las Rubias Del Norte play a style of Latin music that does not exactly exist, yet the ideas persist enough for the pair that form the core of this band whose latest album Ziguala, is an album of divine melodies wound around a whole host of histories. Peruvian Chicha, Opera, Yéyé, Rebetika and Bollywood are all at play on their latest. Las Rubias del Norte started out four years ago when Emily Hurst and Allyssa Lamb – who had been singing together in a large choir – decided to sing Mexican songs. Along with Olivier Conan, who by then had joined them on the Cuatro, they decided to put together a repertoire of vintage Latin American music. The band has since been re-interpreting songs from all across the Americas – drawing from sources both classic and obscure. Their training is as good as their voices and their melodies remind me of other great groups like Brazil’s Cuarteto Em Cy. This song stood out in particular.

Las Rubias Del Norte “Porque Te Vas”


Lila Downs (lee-lah) makes her debut on 88Nine, and it really was about time. Her talent is as undeniable as her beauty and her mystique– a true chanteuse. Drawing from the native Mesoamerican music of the Mixtec, Zapotec, Maya and Nahuatl cultures is natural for this daughter of Mixtec cabaret singer Anita Sánchez. Something about her reminds me of Yma Sumac, though her style a bit more earthy. On her latest we have a rare example of a truly good live album. Recorded at The Fip in Paris, she is in command; holding the space with grace and aplomb and dropping songs that made their way to my ipod in a hurry. Songs like this one.

Lila Downs “La Cucaracha”


Almost all the artists in today’s set were women, except for the subtle sounds of Brazilian master musician Caetano Veloso who on his latest release Zee e Zie further founding new ground to sanctify the Earth with music. Really, really good album is all I’m saying. It somehow gets rock to do samba in songs that are subtle as well as sweet. of course, I’m a bit biased because it was Veloso who got me into the more nuanced Brazilian music that the country is known for. I definitely recommend this one, which is out on Nonesuch records right now.

Caetano Veloso “Cor Amarela”


Last in, but perhaps the best; or at the very least my favorite of the five was Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux whose debut album 1977 hit me like a revelation. Even though I am not fluent in Spanish, her skills are manifestly evident. Catchy in a way that ultimately might make me learn but virtue of love. That’s what I got for this one, hope you dig it too.

Ana Tijoux “1977”


Make The Music With Your Mouth Mick!

This week on 7 O’Clock Sample, we continue our exploration of Rolling Stones samples.

Today we are turning the segment around on itself… On Tuesday we looked at artists who have sampled the Stones, but today we are looking a song that the Rolling Stones grabbed a sample from.
In 1997, the Stones came back with a big tour and an even bigger album, “Bridges To Babylon”.
The lead single from this album was this track….

(pay special attention at about 2:48)

Does that voice sound familiar? If you know you’ve heard that somewhere before, you are right! It’s none other than the diabolical BIZ MARKIE!

A ONE, TWO – by  The Human Beatbox…Biz Markie

Freebie | Lorn, “Cherry Moon”

Milwaukee’s Lorn is at it again.  He released a free track for download from his forthcoming release called “Nothing Else” on Flying Lotus’ label Brainfeeder.  If this track is any indication what the album is going to sound like, I’m definitely thinking this will be in my best of 2010.  I think the download is only available for limited time, so get it while it is hot!!!!

Lorn – “Cherry Moon” (download)

Don’t Sleep | Sleigh Bells + Free Song + Live in Madison Tonight

There are a few bands, and artists that don’t live up  to the buzz they deserve. Sleigh Bells is not one of them. The Brooklyn based duo have been creating quite of bit of hype since last year’s CMJ festival. The hype continue throughout SXSW.  Unfortunately, I seem to keep missing them in Austin when I was there. When I first heard the track “Rill, Rill” while I was deployed, I couldn’t get the song out of my head.  Then other tracks appeared on the internet and it was just amazing crunchy goodness.  Even M.I.A. took notice and signed them to her N.E.E.T. imprint and had them produce a couple of her songs on her forthcoming album.  Their album entitled “Treats” is due out on May 11th.  If you don’t want to take my word on these guys, you can catch them tonight in Madison at the Majestic Theater opening up for Yeasayer.  You can download their single called “Tell ‘Em” from their forthcoming album Treats straight from their website.

Sleigh Bells – “Tell’ Em” (Download)

Listen to other tracks from Sleigh Bells here.

Watch ABC tell the story about the duo Sleigh Bells

Here is the tracklisting for “Treats”

The tracklisting for “Treats” is as follows:

  1. Tell ‘Em
  2. Kids
  3. Riot Rhythm
  4. Infinity Guitars
  5. Run the Heart
  6. Rachel
  7. Rill Rill
  8. Crown On the Ground
  9. Straight A’s
  10. A/B Machines
  11. Treats

Video | The Morning Benders: “Promises”

I was completely blown away by the song and video for “Excuses” from San Francisco’s Morning Benders. Their new video for the song “Excuses” is every kid’s dream – to be a like an adult.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

New Music Wednesday | Ethan Keller, Delta Spirit, The National and Jakob Dylan

On this week’s New Music Wednesday, (4/28/2010), we have new music from Ethan Keller, Delta Spirit, The National and Jakob Dylan. Listen to the tracks below and then let us know what you think by voting for your favorite tune.

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Ethan Keller – “Keep On Lovin'”
Delta Spirit – “Bushwick Blues”
The National – “Bloodbuzz Ohio”
Jakob Dylan – “Truth For A Truth”