Video | Gotan Project, “La Gloria”

About 10 years ago, I purchased an import album on a whim called La Revancha Del Tango by a group called Gotan Project.  It was the sound of Tango “re-invented”. The music was inspired by one of my favorite composers by the name of Astor Piazzolla. Just check this video and you can definitely here the influences. Piazzolla’s music was also featured in the film 12 Monkeys directed by Terry Gilliam (Monty Python). Even before Gotan Project, I always thought of remixing Piazzolla in my sets. Well, Gotan Project is set to released their third album on April 19th entitled “Tango 3.0”.  They return with their signature sound.  Here is the video fo their latest single, “La Gloria”.

The video features an inspired vocal contribution from the celebrated Argentine football commentator Victor Hugo Morales (who name-checks all the musiciansfeaturing on the track before shouting GOOOOOOTAN instead of his trademark  GOOOOOOOAL!!)


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