The Weekly Top 5 Countdown: Ten Shots of Milwaukee’s Best and One Last Turn With Scott Mullins

Sad is the day when you gotta say goodbye to friend and co-worker and the reason is nevertheless worthy– even good. Such is the case for this Top 5 Countdown today, my last with Scott Mullins, the new Program Director of Baltimore’s WTMD 89.7. Wish I could be salty, but I am not. And although this sucks, you should be happy for him if not for our collective loss of a true statesman in the booth and a taste-maker on the decks. Fitting that this T5C be a special one that is about what we are all most proud of here at 88Nine; our(collective) scene in Milwaukee and the musicians that make it sound so good. So thanks to all of you who support the scene in Mil-ville and if you got a moment, let Scott know he’ll be missed!(


1956 “Persistent”


Maritime “For Science Fiction”


Lmntlyst “Summertime”


Rip Off Artists “Wishful Thinker”


Evan Christian “Lover’s Be”


Codebreaker “Riviera on the Moon”


Frankie Flowers “Koolness”


Kings Go Forth “Don’t Take My Shadow” 


Fever Marlene “We Are All Colors”


Paul Cebar “Her New Church”  tie with The Lackloves “Hallmark Stars”


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